liber nomius

Thank you for hearing me

Thank you for seeing me

Thank you for staying with me

Thanks for silence with me

Thank you for tearing me apart

Kordac Uxmat is a fantasy conglomerate of multiverses that are interconnected by Qepri.

Qepri comes into being as a verb that entangles different perspectives and realities within its consciousness. Currently, there is an indefinite number of Qepri agents in existence.

The one writing this, exists physically in reality 237. “Present time and present day” in consensual human Earth reality.

The channeling of the realm is being done within the energy mediated and transformed in concepts that are more easily grasped by humanlike entities.

This colony, or circuit of multiverses, gives birth to different experiences that can be grasped with human brain technology in different states of consciousness. One key premise is that an “alien” is a set of ideas that are nested on material human brain hardware / spirit software. Contrary to popular definitions of an alien (that comes from another planet) the place of birth or physical existence does not determine this condition. Being human and alien at the same time does not represent a contradiction. The nonsense is the fertile ground in which reason can be manifested. The faculty of logic is a byproduct of the paradoxical transmissions of entities in the Kordac Uxmat energy processes. Creating different meanings to the incarnations of light with the potency of Imagination equals to a myriad of portals that are constantly coming to existence.

The so called Erems are ‘beings’ that could be considered ambassadors of different values for interacting with consciousness, however, they lack a defined purpose and exist somewhat involuntarily, akin to glitches and errors. Just like interference and noise when communication takes place. One theory is that the semantic radiation of Kordac Uxmat has given them a semi-consistent shape that makes possible the differentiation between different categories of Erems. Sometimes they get confused for phantasms, demons or thought forms. Their ‘natural’ habitat, where they more commonly flourish is the simulacra of comprehension.